Golden Creek Mill
Golden Creek Mill is located at:

201 Enon Church  Road
Easley, SC 29640
Voice: 864-859-1958

Golden Creek Mill was originally built in 1825.  It provided cornmeal, grits, and flour.  The mill operated for over 110 years with the only source of power being the water from Golden Creek.  By 1835 a cotton gin and press had been added.  Then in the early 1900's an ice machine was added.  Many of the area elders still remember the ice cream that was made with the ice.  This is one of the very few mills left in the country that was made with hemp ropes before they began using gears.  There were very few metal parts. 

Today, the current owners, Joyce and Leroy Stewart, have worked to restore and rebuild the mill.  The 14 foot water wheel is still used to power the antique milling equipment. This is a great example of life and ingenuity in the 1800's.  
Nature photography from the Blue Ridge Mountains by Jeff Sanders
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